Shitty Interview No.28

Last week one of the highlights at ‘Splendour in The grass‘ was meeting & shitty interviewing rad Melbourne based singer/songwriter, Ecca Vandal. My first reaction was “fuck yes, she’s kind of got a tougher, streetier old school Gwen Stefani thing going on”. She owns the stage & commands attention in the same way through her performance & her unique edgy style. When we met Ecca we got to experience a super sweet, gentle, down to earth side that didn’t mind at all that we forgot to bring glue & might have to use my gum to stick her questions down to our getting shittier by the minute interview paper. Eventually we managed to source electrical tape from the bar. By the time we had to say good bye I wanted to squish her into my pocket & bring her home with me.

Here is our Sticks & Stones extra shitty Interview with Ecca Vandal.

Sticks & Stones: Special dietary requirements?
Ecca Vandal: Gotta eat on time or else I get very hangry!

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever shoplifted? Deets plz.
Ecca Vandal: Yup. Soz, the lolly self serve machine at K-mart before OH&S shut ‘em down

Sticks & Stones: If a tiger & a giraffe fucked what would their baby look like??? Please draw below.
Ecca Vandal: (Insert weird giraffe/rat/cat faced animal on wheels) Maybe?

Sticks & Stones: Eat a sheep’s eye ball or someone farts in your mouth?
Ecca Vandal: Bring on the farts yarrrrrrr!

Sticks & Stones: If a friend asked you to look after their gold fish, how long would it survive?
Ecca Vandal: I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it to the slippery sucker. Des wouldn’t last long.

Sticks & Stones: Pick 2 celebs to be your parents.
Ecca Vandal: Miles Davis & Bjork

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever killed an animal?
Ecca Vandal: Yar sorry, I eat meat.

Sticks & Stones: What was the last gift you gave someone?
Ecca Vandal: A smile.

Sticks & Stones: Do you party hardy?
Ecca Vandal: Any chance I get?

Sticks & Stones: Embarrassing album on your playlist?
Ecca Vandal: The soundtrack for ‘Singing In The Rain’.



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