Shitty Interview No.34

If you have never heard of a band called ‘Tempesst’, that’s all about to change. Not because of this Shitty Interview. Actually even Vice beat me to feature a song by this band that my own brother plays bass for. & not because my brother plays bass either. His name is Jesse BTW & one day I will introduce him up here properly. In November Tempesst will embark (I hate that fucking word) on their first ever tour through Europe supporting Albert Hammond, Jr. (Strokes). & they are rly rly good so we knew we had better get this interview in before they forget bout us.

Here is our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview with Andy from Tempesst (one half of the twins that founded the band & 1 quarter of the band that will go on tour next month).

Sticks & Stones: Nieghbours or Home & Away
Tempesst: My name is Dr. Drongo & I am the director of sales & marketing at tempest Coming to a store near you. Neighbours.

Sticks & Stones: Which Sex & the City Character are you?
Tempesst: Carrie of course!

Sticks & Stones: Are you a cactus or a sunflower?
Tempesst: Grouse! (Drawing of a sunflower flexing & saying ‘Deal with it!’)

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever shit in the shower?
Tempesst: It is what it is (Drawing of a poo saying ‘you’re worth it’)

Sticks & Stones: What does a typical week day look like for you?
Tempesst: “Life is worth living” – Andy Banjann (Drawing of a pizza slice with the words ‘Haven’t eaten, Carolina’s for nearly one year!)

Sticks & Stones: First thing you think of when you wake up?
Tempesst: I feel like the term Y.O.L.O is just soo invigorating. It just works for me.

Sticks & Stones: Who do you want to work with?
Tempesst: (Drawing of Brad Pitt saying ‘Hi I’m Brad Pitt’ & another guy saying ‘I’m Jesse fuck you’)

Sticks & Stones: Your friend has a massive booga in their nose. Do you tell them or let it hang out for a bit?
Tempesst: Tell them! Me & Jus (GF) have a rule.

Sticks & Stones: What are you addicted to?
Tempesst: Um life!? Living!? #YOLO & my favourite new Australian hip hop artist MC Matty T!! “Livin’ in London, Living’ Abroad” I say next JJJ unearthed feature artist!

Sticks & Stones: Favorite joke?
Tempesst: Whatev’s Whatever man



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