Shitty Interview No.41

DJ Tigerlily

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 illustrated answers & photos
Interviewee: DJ Tigerlily / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Leila Joy Berney / Model: DJ Tigerlily / Stylist: Laura Cave / Make-up Artist: Samantha Lee

Shitty Interview No.41

Just as these gorgeous photos of Australian DJ, Tigerlily brightened up my inbox, just as she does on stage all around the world, my intern tells me she is staying at his place for a few days. Since then, he hasn’t stopped telling me how amazing she is & her beautiful Aqua framed face seems to be popping up everywhere I look. So in order to get to know her better, here is our Sticks & Stones shitty interview with DJ Tigerlily along with a gorgeous exclusive photo series by Leila Joy Berney & her talented team.


Sticks & Stones: Ask any animal any question.
DJ Tigerlily: I’d ask a dolphin to give us humans some advice on how to live more peacefully with each other & the world.

Sticks & Stones: If ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ was a real story about your life, what would you do first as a tiny person?
DJ Tigerlily: Sleep on a bed of fairy floss.

Sticks & Stones: What is your Summer 2015/16 anthem?
DJ Tigerlily: I’ll Show You – Justin Bieber

Sticks & Stones: Happiest memory?
DJ Tigerlily: Every single day I try and create the most happy of memories. I honestly couldn’t choose one memory that was the happiest because I strive to be the most happy human every day. For example, yesterday, I spent the afternoon on the beach with some of my greatest friends, eating fresh salad and incredible coffee. That was a pretty fucking happy moment.

Sticks & Stones: Please number in order of importance. 1 being the most important & 5 being who gives a fuck.
Cats, Sushi,WIFI,The Colour Brown, Justin Beiber   
DJ Tigerlily:
1. Justin Beiber
3. Sushi
4. Cats
5. The Colour Brown

Sticks & Stones: The last thing you did that you feel bad about?
DJ Tigerlily: Kissed someone I shouldn’t have.

Sticks & Stones: One way to fix one of the worlds problems?
DJ Tigerlily: If everyone became completely conscious & present in the ‘now’ & realised that their bodies were simply a physical vehicle used to drive a greater power, we would have far less problems in the world.

Sticks & Stones: Like Pairing wine with food, pair something with something else.
DJ Tigerlily: Spirit Science & Fresh Pineapple.

Sticks & Stones: Last crime you committed?
DJ Tigerlily: When I was 13 I stole a packet of gum.

Sticks & Stones: Plz write yourself a question here coz I just ran out.
DJ Tigerlily: What are you addicted to?
Snapchat, sugar, and endorphins.




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