Shitty Interview No.43

It was almost 4 months ago that we met with eccentric New York based artist/designer/model/actor/musician, James Concannon & did this shitty interview over some beers. But we have only just found the interview sheets this week since we have only just finished unpacking.

James is one of the most interesting people we have ever met. His life from the outside seems like one weird & wonderful adventure after the next, but James delivers his memoirs like they are just another day in the life. 

When we asked James what he has been up to since we met, here is what he told us…

“I was invited to Thailand by Paz De La Huerta to star in a film in which we were both fired. Spent my 2 months there instead creating two art shows, archiving & interviewing contemporary queer culture, holding a one-man coup against the Bangkok Metropolitan Waterworks Authority for equal and free rights to drinkable water, fully immersed myself in hell, and exited victoriously.”

And to sum up the last year…

-James was awarded ‘Top 10 zine of the year’ by Autre Magazine for his 46 page self published book composed of his own personal dick pics called ‘Machismo’.
-Lady Gaga wore his clothes for a while but never credited him.
– His been in 14 solo & group art shows over the last year spanning the world. (trying to double that in 2016)
– He is currently recording an EP (as the drummer) with his new band ‘Macaroni Tacoma’ ( & hopefully going on a month long tour soon.
– His favourite part; He has an 8 month old son.

You can definitely expect way more cool shit for 2016!!! But for now, please enjoy our shitty interview with James Concannon.

& then visit James website here.

Sticks & Stones Agency: If you were forced to shove one of the following in your eye, what would you choose?
Bloody tampon, fresh bird shit, knife

James Concannon: Tampon, depending blood type & disease, for a quick soak. Knife for dessert.

Sticks & Stones Agency: Please make up a new conspiracy.
James Concannon: Aliens are all homosexuals, male dominant, and comfortable with sloshing.

Sticks & Stones Agency: The world is about to end. You have 24 hours, what do you do?
James Concannon: Datura leaves.

Sticks & Stones Agency: Now that you have been promoted to manager, you get to invent a new ice cream flavour.
James Concannon: I fucking love cream. Ice flavoured ice cream.

Sticks & Stones Agency: If you were a dancing monkey, what would your routine be?
James Concannon: Masturbation.

Sticks & Stones Agency: Ever wondered what pets do when their humans go to work? What would you do if you where a cat?
James Concannon: We are all God’s pets.

Sticks & Stones Agency: A Vegas hotel needs a new act for the next year, what would you do? 
James Concannon: Criss Angel mind freak redux 2.0.

Sticks & Stones Agency: If you were a drug dealer what would your name be?
James Concannon: I would go by ‘Cokey’, which is my mothers. She was never a cocaine dealer, but I would be.

Sticks & Stones Agency: What is your sexual fantasy?
James Concannon: Women in high heels stepping on modal trains. Or skinhead boot licking porn. Or cervix porn. Or me blowjobbing myself IRL.




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