Shitty interview No.44

Kelsey Rubenstein

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 Illustrated answers & photos
Interviewee: Kelsey Rubenstein / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Kristy Benjamin

Shitty interview No.44

A few weeks ago a pair of bleach the fuck out of, rips in all the right places, vintage jeans with perfectly imperfect hand-painted black cob webs on them arrived in the post. Yes the package was addressed to Sebastien, but that is never really relevant when the contents feels like it might be clothes. 50/50 when you’re married right?

It was love at first sight & I spent the next hour hooked on the artist’s instagram page drooling over everything. Her name is Kelsey Rubenstein & she specialises in one of a kind, hand made clothing for tropical conscious psychedeli-punks, under her brand name ‘Whatever, no big deal’.

At some stage I came across this, “Whatever, no big deal is a kind of social commentary on everyone’s seemingly apathetic view to the world & things happening around them. People need to be thinking about where their clothing is coming from, who is making it & who is profiting from it. BOYCOTT BIG BUSINESS SUPPORT THE UNDER DOG”, & my love for Kelsey grew even stronger.

In order to get to know her a little better, here is a shitty interview with Kelsey Rubenstein & a gorgeous exclusive film series that she did with her photographer friend, Kristy Benjamin.

Sticks & Stones: Your momma just started following you on instagram, how do you explain it to her?
Kelsey Rubenstein: “People like it, I swear”.

Sticks & Stones: Can you ever trust a clown? Plz explain.
Kelsey Rubenstein: Why wouldn’t you trust a clown?

Sticks & Stones: Make a hybrid from 2 animals. Plz draw & describe their characteristics. 
Kelsey Rubenstein: drawing of a vagina, a penis, dice & the word Jizz with “this is stupid”.

Sticks & Stones: Best thing about being you?
Kelsey Rubenstein: Breathing, sleeping, eating, thinking, inspiring work, I don’t wake up wondering if a bomb killed my family in the night.

Sticks & Stones: Last time you threw up?
Kelsey Rubenstein: Republican debate.

Sticks & Stones: If you were a plant, what would you be & why?
Kelsey Rubenstein: Weed, because of it’s medical purposes, also you get high off it.

Sticks & Stones: McDonald’s or Wholefoods?
Kelsey Rubenstein: Neither. Fuck them both. Meat = murder.

Sticks & Stones: You are a teacher at an all girls private school. What do you teach them that their other teachers wont?
Kelsey Rubenstein: Not everyone’s gonna like you. Some people like chocolate, some vanilla! It doesn’t mean one is better or one isn’t good, people just like different things.

Sticks & Stones: What/who inspires you?
Kelsey Rubenstein: People, places, things.

Sticks & Stones: Please tell us your favourite book, movie, snack, website, person.
Kelsey Rubenstein: Book – ‘The plague’, movie – ‘Casablanca’, snack – vegan chicken nuggets, website – e-bay, person – David Bowie.



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