Shitty Interview No.45

Free Free Dom Dom

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 Illustrated answers & photos
Interviewee: Free Free Dom Dom / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Ophelie Rondeau / CinematographerOphelie Rondeau

Free Free Dom Dom: "FFDD" from Free Free Dom Dom on Vimeo.

Shitty Interview No.45

So much creative talent coming out of Berlin at the moment, including electro-punk duet, ‘Free Free Dom Dom’. For their first video they teamed up with London based analogue photographer, Ophélie Rondeau to produce something that reflects their current state of mind.

“When you try something too hard then you just feel the need to go back to something simple & authentic, like walking in a park, chilling, contemplating. The song ‘FFDD’ is a bit crazy, as a result of wanting to wash ourselves from bad energy & what it involves mentally.

It was Ophélie’s idea to use super8mm, as she essentially works with analog cameras on her personal project ‘Ophelie & the Girls’.

Using super8 involves quite some time, research & test. We had bought the camera on eBay, & discovered, after the first test, that there was something wrong with it. 2 days before Ophelie arrived from London, we still hadn’t figured it out, & we were stressed. Thanks to the owner of a camera shop, we found out that the automatic mode was broken so we had to shoot manually.

As the films & developing are quite expensive we could only afford 3 rolls, which is about 9 minutes of film in total, so we had to be particularly precise on the shoot. It’s not like digital where you can shoot loads of film & immediately see what it looks like. You have to wait like a week to see what you shot. Super8mm is mysterious & precious, & it made our video process more special & exciting.”

As a fan of Ophélie Rondeau’s work I was instantly intrigued & the more I got to know the creative force behind Free Free Dom Dom the more I wanted to know. So here is our Shitty interview with Free Free Dom Dom, asking all of the important questions, along with a film series & video directed & shot by Ophélie Rondeau.

Little Voice – answers in pink
Philippe – answers in black

Sticks & Stones: Dicks for toes or a toe for a nose?
Little Voice FFDD: Dicks for toes! Toes would finally make sense!

Sticks & Stones: Plug something you’re into right now.
Little Voice & Philippe FFDD: Into growing up the best we can be.

Sticks & Stones: Please draw what you imagine a dolphin/dog hybrid would look like.
Little Voice & Philippe FFDD: (Drawing of an awesome animal with a dog head & dolphin body saying “Hello, I am a Dogphin. Where can I buy some?).

Sticks & Stones: Most awkward memory?
Philippe FFDD: I don’t have any awkward memory. Is that awkward? You’re scaring me now. Should I see a doctor?
Little Voice FFDD: Awkward Philippe!!

Sticks & Stones: Please tell us your favourite;
Mode of transport: 
Little Voice FFDD: Unicorns
Philippe FFDD: Rose tattoo
Dead person:
Philippe FFDD: Bon Scott
Little Voice FFDD: Avril Lavigne
Philippe FFDD: Yeah but she’s not dead?
Little Voice FFDD: Well there’s a rumour she is.
Book or magazine: 
Philippe FFDD: Krishnamurti ‘Commentaries on the living’ – 3 volumes.
Little Voice FFDD: Nagazine! defo.

Sticks & Stones: What do you care about?
Little Voice FFDD: Him.
Philippe FFDD: Her & the rest of the world.

Sticks & Stones: Best thing that’s happened today so far?
Little Voice FFDD: We’ve been dancing in the dark til our heart almost stopped beating.
Philippe FFDD: And I took a selfie 🙂

Sticks & Stones: What does your current shopping list look like?
Philippe FFDD: Chocolate, Beers, Toilet paper.
Little Voice FFDD: Buy a house, a Mercedes Benz.

Sticks & Stones: How much money would it take for you to perform nude?
Little Voice FFDD: Philippe shows his ass all the time (for free).
Philippe FFDD: Im a real guru!! So no money needed.
Little Voice FFDD: I would only ask for one million dollars (but in cash).

Sticks & Stones: Number in order of importance; Sex, mums, beer, exercise, coffee, music.
Philippe FFDD: 1-Sex, 2-Mums, 3-Exercise, 4-Coffee, 5-Beer, 6-Music.
Little Voice FFDD: Love is number 1, then sex, then music number 3.
Philippe FFDD: If you wanna have sex with mums you need exercise, 2 cups of coffee, 18 beers & good music. No offence to the mums. I love mums.



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