Shitty Interview No.5

Last week Gavriel Maynard stayed with us here in QLD & between shooting, hanging & wanking sat down with us for a shitty McInterview. Fuck you spell check… wanking is a word! These are the 10 questions he pulled from our pickle jar & his very honest answers.

Anyone who isn’t familiar with Gav’s work, just scroll through Oyster Mag or any of the best mags out there & you will most definitely come across loads of his amazing photos.

Sticks & Stones: If you were on an island for 1 year & could only bring 3 things (not people), what would they be?
Gavriel Maynard: I-pod, a years subscription to Playboy, 365 packs of Marboro gold.

Sticks & Stones: Visit any country in the world
Gavriel Maynard: Ummm… The two places I most wanted to visit were Tokyo & New York & I went to both last year & now nowhere really excites me. I’m not a travel person really. I love living in Sydney & am probably happiest here these days.

Sticks & Stones: What’s your favorite clothing brand?
Gavriel Maynard: I don’t really wear any brands, just vintage t-shirts, old surf wear or plain shorts from K-mart or Lowes & socks from all over the place. I’d say ebay is the best clothing store in the world! I would never spend $500 on some Givenchy piece, but I would on certain vintage Slayer T-shirts.

Sticks & Stones: If you had to be anything else for a month what would it be?
Gavriel Maynard: A bird. not a pigeon. Like an eagle or something.

Sticks & Stones: Pick 2 celebrities to be your parents.
Gavriel Maynard: Dad – I would say Woody Allen but I should probably wait to hear the final verdict on whether he molested his daughter before locking myself into that childhood. Mum – Pamela Anderson. Breastfeeding.

Sticks & Stones: Who would play you in a movie?
Gavriel Maynard: Channing Tatum.

Sticks & Stones: Last day on Earth, how do you spend it?
Gavriel Maynard: With my mama.




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