Shitty Interview No.58

Wondering what he will think when he reads this, I’ve been sitting here re-writing an intro for New York based hip-hop artist, Hooliganradguitar5 for over an hour now. After watching his beautiful video for his recent track ‘Take It On Down’, everything I write just sounds so fucking white & uncool. His abilty to be brutally honest & vulnerable while maintaining his edge & undeniable swag is something to be admired!

From what I can tell, Hooliganradguitar5 is all about being yourself. So fuck it. I am a white Australian girl who just barley passed her private school education, who says & writes shit that sounds lame sometimes, certainly no wordsmith & by no means a rap God. Me & Hooliganradguitar5 have a lot in common though. We both do what we love because it feels right & fuck everything else.

In order to get to know him a little better, here is our Shitty Interview with Hooliganradguitar5.

Sorry I fucked your intro bud 🙂

Sticks & Stones: If you were a witch, what would be your favourite spell?
Hooliganradguitar5: To put a thought bubble on top of poeple’s heads to see what they are thinking. Sometimes that shit would save hella time & bullshit.

Sticks & Stones: If you could un-invent a smell, what would it be & what would you replace it with?
Hooliganradguitar5: I be drinking, getting shit faced, so I know I be reeking, so I would get rid of that drunk motherfucker smell & replace it with the sweet smell of Febreeze or some shit.

Sticks & Stones: You are about to die, what 5 life tips do you leave behind for future generations?
1. Be yourself
2. Watch who you trust. Everyone is not your friend.
3. Don’t believe you have to drink & do drugs to be cool?
4. Don’t let nobdoy tell you you can’t do something.
5. If you believe in something, believe in it 100%, because nobody will if you don’t.

Sticks & Stones: Favourite strange food combo?
Hooliganradguitar5: Noodles with a whole bunch of shit in it, like tuna, chips, beef jerky, etc. (Sadly I learned this from being in the slammer).

Sticks & Stones: Please plug 5 things you are into right now.
1. Piercings
2. Jim Morrison
3. Rings
4. Positive vibes
5. Anal sex

Sticks & Stones: How do you feel right now?
Hooliganradguitar5: I seen some shit on Macaulay Culkin, he said something like he spends his days just “whatevering”. I feel whatever.

Sticks & Stones: Please write down your current shopping list
Hooliganradguitar5: I ain’t gonna hold you up. I’m broke. Besides the fact I don’t like shopping, it’s too much. Rather just fina shit. Turbo.

Sticks & Stones: Best thing that’s happened to you today so far?
Hooliganradguitar5: Doing this shitty ass interview, lol.

Sticks & Stones: First thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?
Hooliganradguitar5: Damn another day in this shitty ass world. I wonder how my kids are. I wonder how my poeple are. I miss my best friends. I miss my girlfriend. My shit be racing.

Sticks & Stones: What did you do this weekend?
Hooliganradguitar5: I recorded a little bit. Did some partying. Lost like 2 of my piercings, don’t ask me how. & a shit load of other bullshit.



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