Shitty Interview No.61

Every now & then you discover a new artist that makes you wonder “how the fuck did they ever come up with this?” Their art is like nothing else you have seen before it & you can’t help but go away from it feeling incredibly inspired.

This music Monday we had the opportunity to shitty interview the incredible fast-paced, thrashing mutant freax behind Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror).

Founded by theOGM & Eaddy in New Jersey, Ho99o9 have an insatiable propensity for world order, peace, anarchy, chaos & macabre. Their move to Los Angeles in 2014, & a string of killer high-energy live shows, quickly gained them a cult following.

Influenced by pain, death of individuality, our decaying & oppressive society, the underbelly of urban core, DOOM & freedom of expression, Ho99o9 is completely unafraid. Even if you hate their music, you can’t help but admire their ability to give zero fucks.

Since it’s impossible to describe Ho99o9 with words, I have enclosed a recent video they did in collaboration with Converse along with some rad new exclusive images by their Brooklyn homie, Tod Seelie.

And of course in order to get to them a little better, here is our shitty interview with theOGM & Eaddy of Ho99o9 🙂

Sticks & Stones: What was the last fight you were in about? What happened?
Ho99o9: TEKKEN

Sticks & Stones: Martin Luther King had a dream, whats your dream?
theOGM Ho99o9: I never remember my dreams & when I do, they don’t make sense. sometimes I think I’m in a dream… I’ll wake up some day, when I’m dead.
Eaddy Ho99o9: Space, oxygen, universe.

Sticks & Stones: Best thing about you?
theOGM Ho99o9: I can see, touch, fuck, create, read, hear, shit, piss, hate, love (drawing of heart), eat, live, die, kill & smoke weed.
Eaddy Ho99o9: (Drawing of a huge veiny penis).

Sticks & Stones: Are you romantic? Please provide an example to back your answer.
theOGM Ho99o9: Being romantic means passionate, affectionate, etc… yes I am… I like to fuck in public places.
Eaddy Ho99o9: Blacker the Berry, the sweeter the juice.

Sticks & Stones: Best thing you’ve ever made?
Ho99o9: (Drawing of 2 rad guys making music)

Sticks & Stones: What is your perfect holiday? What do you pack in your suitcase?
theOGM Ho99o9: I never really had a perfect holiday, or a holiday for that matter. But if I did, it would have to involve a lot of sex, (picture of a joint) & great food. In my suitcase I’d pack my clothes, condoms, wedding dress, computer, chargers, handcuffs, toothpaste/brush, deoderant.

Sticks & Stones: Jesus + Mohammad + Buddha + Krishna = ?
Ho99o9: Death Cult Horror 999

Sticks & Stones: Please draw you in your favourite sexual position below.
Ho99o9: (Illustration of male & female in doggy position). Why must I feel like dat? Why must I chase da cat? Nuttin’ but da dogg in me!!!

Sticks & Stones: You’re on death-row. What’s your last meal?
theOGM Ho99o9: Some good ole Haitian food… white rice with black bean sauce, fried plantains. Drink could be a coconut water or Bundaberg ginger beer.
Eaddy Ho99o9: Pussy (Vagina) & a huge juicy fucking steak. Shouts out to all my vegan niggas, this one’s for you! 🙂

Sticks & Stones: Who inspires/uninspires you?
theOGM Ho99o9: Parents, family, friends, the government, me, the nigga god, The nigga devil & roaches.
Eaddy Ho99o9: Niggaz, Bitches, the moon & Earth.



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CONVERSE x Ho99o9 - Directors Cut Neon from Legs Media on Vimeo.