Shitty Interview No.67

For years, every person that has ever visited us at home has been tricked into an Eric Andre marathon. At first they aren’t quite sure what they are looking at. Within 5 minutes they are scream laughing & we can’t get rid of them until they have viewed every episode of the most subversive & unorthodox late-night talk show ever aired. If laughter is thy medicine, this shit will cure cancer!

THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW triumphantly returns with a brand-new season of depraved anarchy & rabid mayhem. Eric & his profoundly apathetic co-host/comedic genius, Hannibal Buress up the ante for season four with bigger guests, more destruction, & bolder interactions with the public at large.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with our favourite comedian & obvi’s we took the time to Shitty Interview him too. Interview enclosed along with Season four trailer & some fun snippets from past seasons.

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever made a hot pee balloon by squeezing the end of your foreskin together? If you don’t have foreskin, have you ever drank your own piss?
Eric Andre: I love Trump piss (drawing of Trump pissing into Eric’s mouth).

Sticks & Stones: Do you think you will have kids? What goes through your mind when you think about that?
Eric Andre: Call the police (refer to drawing).

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever said sorry to your mom for hurting her vagina when you were born?
Eric Andre: (Refer to drawing).

Sticks & Stones: You can only eat the same meal three times a day for the next week. What meal is it? 
Eric Andre: (Drawing of a watermelon, chicken leg, cigarettes, penis).

Sticks & Stones: If you could combine different parts of animals to make yourself into a super bio human, what would you make yourself into? Draw below.
Eric Andre: (Refer to drawing).

Sticks & Stones: If you could be a guru, what would your name be & what would be your religion?
Eric Andre: Scientology.

Sticks & Stones: Finish this rap… My side bitch playing you know what I’m saying…
Eric Andre: Scientology.

Sticks & Stones: If you were a lesbian in jail like on ‘Orange is the new black’, what would your survival strategy be?
Eric Andre: Scientology.

Sticks & Stones: What are you going to be like at 70 years old?
Eric Andre: Scientology.

Sticks & Stones: What don’t you fuck with right now?
Eric Andre: Scientology.



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