Shitty Interview No.81

Its hard to believe its already been over a year since I first had the pleasure of meeting & working with Sydney artist, Nicole Millar. She sticks in your mind like semen to a tube sock because in addition to being incredibly talented & so naturally beautiful, she is an absolute sweetheart. But don’t let that soft exterior fool you into thinking she doesn’t know her way around the male dominated music industry. Nicole continues to release effortlessly cool & catchy tracks, to follow up viral hits like ‘Tremble’ & ‘Signals’.

Nicole’s latest release, ‘Blindfolded’ (enclosed), is built on sultry synth beats & her tantalising vocals, delivering a pure electro-pop escape just in time for summer.

Co-produced by Kilter, it also sees her dial down the banging drops that defined her early career – on Peking Duk’s club classic ‘High’, Golden Feature’s ‘Tell Me’ & her own songs. This time around, the Sydney singer/songwriter wanted her lyrics to take centre stage.

Not surprisingly, ‘Blindfolded’ is her most personal song to date. Reading like a page ripped from her diary, it details the dangers of playing games in relationships when you don’t see eye to eye.

‘Blindfolded’ offers the first glimpse of her long-awaited debut album, one she’s been gently teasing for ages. That wait is almost over.

In the meantime, please enjoy our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview 🙂

Sticks & Stones: Last time you threw up?
Nicole Millar: After The Weekend’s show last Monday. I can’t handle my love for red wine no more 🙁

Sticks & Stones: What makes you mad about the music industry? What makes you happy?
Nicole Millar: Mad – The business peeps & suck ups. Happy – Fan love, as Drake would say.

Sticks & Stones: Go back to any situation in your life & do something different. Where are you & what are you doing?
Nicole Millar: When I’m indecisive & can’t decide what I want! Normally at cafes.

Sticks & Stones: Who should be the next president?
Nicole Millar: Tommy Cash.

Sticks & Stones: Favourite place to;
Perform: Perth
Holiday: Japan
Eat: Everything
Shop: Vintage
Have sex: Hotel

Sticks & Stones: When did you know you were a performer?
Nicole Millar: Singstar. I love Playstation & belting out bangers.

Sticks & Stones: What turns you on?
Nicole Millar: Confidence, nerds, coconut, Ned, lol.

Sticks & Stones: Favourite Kardashian?
Nicole Millar: Kylie.

Sticks & Stones: Best advice you have been given?
Nicole Millar: Learn to love yourself.

Sticks & Stones: What’s worth fighting for?
Nicole Millar: Last slice of pizza.



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