Shitty Interview No.82

Jimmy Lyell wasn’t always one half of Australian DJ/electronic producer duo, Flight Facilities. In the late 90’s he was a grade below me at a small town Christian school, & I would never have¬†guessed that I would years later be Shitty Interviewing him for my not so Christian online mag. But here we are.

A lot has happened since our pimply faced teen years, & so when I was recently reunited with Jimmy backstage at one of his gigs I wasn’t expecting he would still be just as sweet & handsome as he was when he was just Jimmy from the block.

He tells me to expect lots of new music this year from Flight Facilities. In the meantime, please enjoy our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview with a fucking legend called Jimmy Lyell ūüôā

Sticks & Stones: When did you know music was your career? 
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): There was a point at a club on the Sunshine Coast called ‘Motown’, where a local DJ called ‘Baby G’ was playing & this insane feeling filled my whole body; assuring me that this is exactly what I wanted to do. It was still a few years till I actually learned & played in clubs; then probably another 4 till Hugo & I started Flight Facilities. Around that time ‘The Bang Gang’ were hitting their straps & influenced the hell out of a lot of my decisions & the direction I took. They were almost the punk era for the DJ world. Hats off to all of these tastemakers & R.I.P, Ajax – Dance Legend.

Sticks & Stones:¬†You are one half of the ‘Flight Facilities’ duo. Who’s your¬†favourite Duo of all time?¬†
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): These Duo’s are all admired & special to me… Some you’ll know & some you won’t.
– Noel & Liam
– Elton & Bernie
– Dave & Steph Dewaele
– Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons
– Guy-Manuel & Thomas
– Andy Cato & Tom Findlay
– @angele__Vl & @leowalkinParis
– Tim & Ruth
– Hugo & Sam
– Jordy & Jack
– Mum & Dad

Sticks & Stones: How many planes have you jumped out of? Ever have normal thoughts on the way down like “What should I make for dinner?”¬†
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): 204 to this day. I wish I was that relaxed up there. I treat it how I treat most of my endeavors. I wanna be really good (the best) at it. So for the 56 seconds of free fall time, I’m desperately trying to learn as much as I can before I have to open my parachute. For the first 100 jumps, I think I was just shitting my pants, to be honest. It’s such an incredible sport to be able to do. I overcame a lot of things I believe were important in my growth as a person. Not to mention the perspective it puts on every other tiny, insignificant problem back down on earth after you’re literally saved your own life a few times in a day. It’s also the most beautiful view I have ever/will ever see.

Sticks & Stones: You were in the grade below me at school, what did you think of me back then? 
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): You were the cool/hot babe that all of us groms looked up to! I also played in a band with your current BF (my best mate) & your little legend of a brother. I certainly didn’t think we’d ever be doing anything like this though; how weird is life! Also, there seems to be so many kids from little towns (we were from the Sunshine Coast in QLD) doing cool things. Maybe it’s because we always felt like the underdog & had to prove ourselves or beat the kids in the big smoke?

Sticks & Stones: Last thing you did to help make the world a better place? 
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): I have to admit, I’m not amazing at this. I recycled & picked up rubbish from the street when I see it, but my other half is incredible. She helps at a soup kitchen once a week & then every Christmas for the last 6 years, she’s picked up homeless people or people without a family & driven them to a lunch that she helped prepare along with other amazing people. It’s safe to say I have a lot of catching up to do in this area but I’m being shown the way by an amazing woman.

Sticks & Stones: First three things you did this morning? 
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): Had sex with my GF, made her eggs, then worked on the house & garden. It doesn’t always happen like this but today is a good day!

Sticks & Stones: What do you fuck with? 
Book:¬†Right now, I’m reading ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’. Its great, but sometimes, I feel like I’m being spoken to like a child/teenager who is learning a lesson.
Album:¬†Oasis – What’s the story Morning Glory. Still obsessed!They keep getting better in retrospect.
Netflix Series:¬†‘Ozarks’ – Grimy & dark & Jason Bateman!
Instagram Account: @clairlaffut is a Belgium artist going places.
Person: My GF is so RAD

Sticks & Stones: The Worst thing that has ever entered your mouth? 
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): I feel like it’s the things that exit your mouth that really define you as a person. I’ve eaten my fair share of bugs tho… OHHH wait! One time when I was a lot younger, I was pretty messed up at a kick on & one of best mates named Gaz decided to play a trick on me for the whole day. He would take a perfectly normal food item, put something rancid inside of it, then somehow convince me to eat it. For example, he bit a bite out of an apple & then put curry powder in & then put his bite back in. He then bit the apple from a different side to entice me to have some, rotated the apple to where the curry was & I was doomed. He got quite creative that I fell for it every time. I miss Gaz, I haven’t seen him in aaaaaaages!

Sticks & Stones: Last time you cried? 
Jimmy (Flight Facilities): Watching that Heath Ledger doc. I never met Heath, but I’ve always had this affiliation with him for some reason. Maybe because he was an Aussie who “Made it” around the time I was trying to steak a claim. There actually was a time more recently I cried but that was from an NPR one podcast called ‘Kind World’. This particular episode was about a great father/daughter relationship. The father eventually began showing symptoms of dementia & could only string a few sentences together. One of them was “I love you” & in his final months, he would just call & leave msg’s that went on for 10 minutes saying “I love you…” After he passed, the daughter’s BF (at the time) collated all his msg’s, saved them to a flash drive & gave them to her for her B’day. They then proceeded to listen to one for the first time since he passed, live on the podcast, & that’s where they fuckin’ got me!! Not a steady stream, but a few lonely/inspired tears rolled down my face. To all the men (especially Aussi ones), Vulnerability is the key to a healthy, happy, successful life.



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