Shitty Interview No.9

Sahara Ray

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 illustrated answers & photos
Interviewee: Sahara Ray / Interviewer: Sticks & Stones

Shitty Interview No.9

For a couple weeks while sahara Ray visited Australia my whole instagram feed seemed to feature Sahara Ray including my own posts! So why does everyone want to have a turn with Sahara? Coz she’s fucking rad as well as hot.

Sahara is a breath of fresh air to an industry that can be taken way too seriously. She brings her own creativity to her shoots & is full of energy & just happy to be there. Oh & she’s the daughter of tidal-wave surfer Tony Ray too.

Sahara has also just recently launched her own swim label  called ‘Sahara Ray Swim’, & it’s just as fun & sexy as she is! Be sure to check it out, but first here is our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview with Sahara Ray including a decorated vom bag that she completed mid flight.

Sticks & Stones: You’re at work & around a bunch of people & you bend over to pick something up & accidentally fart. People have definitely heard it, what do you do now?
Sahara Ray: Girls don’t fart. Duh.

Sticks & Stones: You’re a baboon in the jungle & the main baboon has been harassing you & trying to mount you & shit. What would you do? 
Sahara Ray: This baboon sounds like a boss. I like bossy baboons.

Sticks & Stones:Would you or have you pierced your own ear?
Sahara Ray: No. I kinda re-pierced my belly button on accident the other day though. Oops. I was just trying to see if it was closed up or not, so I stuck an old earring through it. the best idea.

Sticks & Stones: If we asked you to join a secret society would you? D you want to be in our Rainbow Cub?
Sahara Ray: Forever & ever.

Sticks & Stones: If you had to be deaf or dumb which one would you chose?
Sahara Ray: I would chose to play dress ups & eat ice cream cones with Ainsley.

Sticks & Stones: Golf or tennis?
Sahara Ray: I have no interest in sports that involve balls. Except tennis (& maybe one other thing). I actually played on my high school tennis team.

Sticks & Stones: What is your perfect holiday?
Sahara Ray: Some remote location in nature with good friends & a large body of water; Fiji, Bali or camping at this very secret location deep in the Sierra Mountains.

Sticks & Stones:  Has anyone ever sucked in your big toe?
Sahara Ray: No. I don’t think I have a very pretty big toe.

Sticks & Stones: If you invited us over for dinner what would you make us? P.S. we are vegetarians. 
Sahara Ray: I am a vegetarian also! My specialty is lemon/avo raw kale salad,  for dessert raw coco banana ice cream!

Sticks & Stones: have you ever seen the show workaholics?
Sahara Ray: No. I don’t watch T.V because I am the worst workaholic.



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