Shitty Interview No.91

Good Doogs

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 Illustrated answers, photos & video
Interviewee: Good Doogs / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Liam Oz / Photographer: Skye J Photography / Photographer: Hi fi way / Photographer: A.W Johnstone

Shitty Interview No.91

As WA’s GOOD DOOGS windup their national tour (last show in their hometown Perth, June 29), we thought it would be a good time to sit them down for a Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview & celebrate the release of their newest single “Nobody/Alone” & it’s indescribable Benny Benassi-inspired new music video (below).

Sticks & Stones: Do you have any pets? Please draw.
Good Doogs;
Grudge – My dead succulents.
Dylan – Pet dog called Hamish.
Ash – Pet dog called Jango.
Andy – No pets 🙁

Sticks & Stones: What do you fight about?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Who gets to charge their phone first, who gets aux cord, being too drunk for shows.
Ash – Grudge is pretty much spot on.
Andy – Who’s turn it is to drive. Who pongs.
Dylan – Which singles to release.

Sticks & Stones: What are you addicted to?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Gambling & partying.
Andy – Gambling, lol.
Ash – Heroin.
Dylan – Nothing.

Sticks & Stones: What’s your favourite thing to do when no one is around?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Get naked, eat shit food & gamble on exotic sports.
Ash – Absolutely everything.
Andy – Painting, fucking & I don’t like to be alone.
Dylan – Go surfing.

Sticks & Stones: Last time you threw up?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Like a week ago when I was pissed. throwing us sucks.
Ash – Yacked out of the car window & it hit me in the face.
Andy – Ashers 21st. Got there at 9:00,  yacked & in bed by 9:30.
Dylan – Probably in Adelaide. Last tour. All threw up in the green room

Sticks & Stones: Please create an acrostic poem using the word below (Areola);

Sticks & Stones: Last gift you gave someone?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Bought my mum a sweet kimono for mothers day.
Ash – Wrote someone a song.
Andy – Gave my dad a hug.
Dylan – Let Andy join the band.

Sticks & Stones: What Sex In The City character are you?
Grudge – Samantha, because I’m an old minx.
Ash – Connie.
Andy – Miranda.
Dylan – Charlotte.

Sticks & Stones: Best & worse thing about being you?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Best: I’m fast at running. Worst: I don’t like running.
Ash – Sometimes I get real happy then I just remember it’s coz I had a cap.
Andy – Best: Impulsive as fuck. Worst: Impulsive as fuck.
Dylan – Best: The band. Worst: The band.

Sticks & Stones: Have any good advice?
Good Doogs;
Grudge – Never be afraid to promote your own band.
Ash – Be nice to everyone or don’t be nice at all.
Andy – Never cash out.
Dylan – Never take advice on betting off of Andy.



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