Shitty Interview No.92

Dani Miller

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 Illustrated answers, photos & video
Interviewee: Dani Miller / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Ellen Virgona / Model: Dani Miller / Model: Amy Taylor / Wardrobe: Route 66 Store

Shitty Interview No.92

Amy Taylor & Dani Miller rule on stage as frontwomen of bands from opposite sides of the globe, but as fate would have it they would eventually find each other on tour & describe that meeting as “love at first sight”.

While Amy & her band AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS have their fans rocking out to Australian pub rock/punk, Dani encourages dancing & yelling with friends to her anti-fascist, anti-racism, anti-sexism, 4-piece musical outfit out of Brooklyn SURFBORT. R.I.P. Easy Listening.

The charisma, style, talent & passion that oozes from both Amy & Dani is such that I can’t take my eyes off them! In the lead up to the release of our “hair” issue hardcover book, we thought we would leak some photos from this epic series shot by Australian photographer Ellen Virgona & Dani’s half of the pairs Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview.

Be sure to check out SURFBORT’S latest music video below & follow this link to see tour dates commencing this Sunday 28th July; SURFBORT TOUR DATES & TICKETS

Sticks & Stones: When did you meet each other?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): We met in LA at Amyl’s first show in America! It was love at first sight.

Sticks & Stones: What do your passport photos look like?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): (Refer to illustration).

Sticks & Stones: Last OS trip you took?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): Amyl & the sniffers. It was nuts! Lots of champagne popping, crowd surfing & scream laughing with my best friend.

Sticks & Stones: What do you consider your best personality trait?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): Amy’s best personality trait is her amazing snese of humour & don’t give a fuck attitude 🙂

Sticks & Stones: Do you have any pets? Please draw.
Dani Miller (Surfbort): (Refer to illustration of beloved pets – Kimba, Grizzly, Blue & Francis).

Sticks & Stones: Favourite word?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): Slut

Sticks & Stones: Best & worst thing about being in a band?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): The music industry doesn’t take you seriously. It’s like dating 3 other people at once & then you won’t see friends & family for weeks & you will be off in the middle of nowhere having a mental breakdown, ahahaha. But I wouldn’t trade my band for the world. They stink, but I love them.

Sticks & Stones: Stragnest thing…
In your house?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): Butt Plug
About you?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): I’ve lived 9 lives. People assume I’m on meth & wasted & raging, but the strangest thing is I’m a health nut & a grandma.
That has enetered your mouth?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): NYC dirt – Ruby trademark mixed city dirt with chocolate & poured it over everyone at a show & I thought it was only chocolate, so I ate it 🙂

Sticks & Stones: Recommended song for the following occasions;
Walk out song?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ by Shania.
PMS song?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): ‘Butterfly’ by Crazytown.
Treadmill song?
Dani Miller (Surfbort): ‘Gacked on Anger’ by Amyl & The Sniffers.



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