Shitty Interview No.95

Gaff E

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 Photos & video
Interviewee: Gaff E / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Elvis Di Fazio / HMUA: The Makeup Wardrobe

Shitty Interview No.95

Today it is a pleasure to bring you a Shitty Interview & brand new video release for her latest single ‘LOVE US’ from hi-energy punk disco queen Gaff E “It’s an important one for me. I wrote the song on behalf of the planet & all the endangered animals on earth.”

A unique artist, Gaff E brings bold individuality & vibrant colour to every stage she sets foot on, & every camera that captures her authentic style. Gaff E is a shameless queer wild woman & chameleon of style liberating bodies globally. Showing others an alternative way; their own way, to express themselves & how to play. Her radical performances are wild, carnal, hallucinogenic, activating trip!

Photo series ‘Bad Bambina’ shot by Elvis Di Fazio.

Single artwork by Louisa Foley.

Listen to LOVE US on Bandcamp

Sticks & Stones: Best/worst thing about being creative?
Gaff E: Best thing is I’m totally free cause I’m my own boss so I am surrounded purely by people I want to create with. The worst thing is trying to survive financially (at times) as a DIY artist cause every penny I make from gigs, goes straight back into new music videos, outfits etc.

Sticks & Stones: Any good advice for us?
Gaff E: Look good. Eat good. Love good. Dance good = FEEL GOOD!

Sticks & Stones: Last time you threw up?
Gaff E: A few weeks ago in Berlin I did some changa a friend brought back from the mountains in Mexico for the first time in ages and I went so deep in the trip I don’t remember vomiting ALL OVER myself! At some point I thought someone was feeding me a chunky soup then BAM… I entered reality after my last vision of a laughing goddess’s face beaming at me from the middle of a techni-coloured pyramid with a neon snake wrapped around it with a BIG smile and looked down to discover the whole front of my Daisy Duck tee covered in puke. I really outdid myself but it was WORTH IT!

Sticks & Stones: Can you ask google an interesting question and tell us the first answer?
Gaff E: Can snails multiply by fucking their own heads?
Google answer: Few creatures can match the hermaphrodite flatworm, which scientists have discovered can reproduce by injecting sperm into its own head. The tiny aquatic worm, Macrostomum hystix, is able to self-fertilise because it produces both eggs and sperm.

Sticks & Stones: Last thing you had to say sorry for?
Gaff E: Spitting a big golly in the toilet and not cleaning it off.

Sticks & Stones: Please describe your first kiss.
Gaff E: When I was four, I used to play “catch n kiss” at kindergarten. I got the game banned but I still used to play renegade style. All the boys were scared of me. One second I’d be picking strawberries, next second I’d be yelling very loudly CATCH AND KISSSSSSSSS and I would just start running full pelt. All the boys (especially my two boyfriends Andrew & Christopher) hated it!!

Sticks & Stones: Last lie you told.
Gaff E: I told a little girl my favourite colour is pink. I lied. My favourite colours are turquoise and Barbie Pink TIED.

Sticks & Stones: Who would play you in a movie about your life.
Gaff E: Noel Fielding naked in a silk kimono.

Sticks & Stones: Do you ever share toothbrushes?
Gaff E: With a select few if they are crazy desperate and get on their knees and say WOOF.

Sticks & Stones: Would you rather eat where you shit or shit where you eat?
Gaff E: If we’re talking literally… I’d shit just the once where I eat spanks.



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