Shitty movie review

Movie Title: Breaking the waves

Selected by: Gavriel Maynard @gavrielmaynard

Release date: Feb 27th 1977

Sticks & Stones rating: 6.5/10

Description: In a small and religious coastal town, a simple, devoutly religious Scottish woman, Bess McNeill (Emily Watson), finds a partner in an oil rig worker from Norway, Jan Nyman (Stellan Skarsgard). However, the relationship grows strained when Nyman breaks his neck in a horrific work accident on the rig and becomes paralyzed. Unable to perform sexually and suffering mentally from the accident as well, Jan convinces Bess to have sex with other men, which she comes to believe is God’s work.

Sticks & Stones: Ever been strapped into a roller coaster without really knowing what you got yourself into & then realising “fuck!!!” way too late? Thats exactly what happened when our good friend, Gavriel Maynard selected ‘Breaking the waves’ for this weeks shitty movie review. The roller coaster was an emotional metaphorical one that went for 2 hours & 39 minutes, ran out of track at the end & plummeted to the earth killing every single passenger. It was impossible not to get emotionally involved. If you like sad, creative movies with great soundtracks you will love this!

Sticks & Stones: How did this movie make you feel?
Ainsley Hutchence SS: A little bit of everything. But mostly sad 🙁 I must have cried like 5 times & I’m not even on my period!
Sebastien Fougere SS: Angry about how close-minded people can be!!! Especially organised religion. Thanks Gav for making me feel sad!

Sticks & Stones: Write one life lesson that this movie taught you.
Ainsley Hutchence SS: Careful what you wish for!
Sebastien Fougere SS: To do things for myself & not for others. You are the only person who can make you happy.

Sticks & Stones: How would you rate this movie?
Ainsley Hutchence SS: Ten out of ten for soundtrack. Ten out of ten for creativity. Zero out of ten for making me depressed!
Sebastien Fougere SS: Seven grave stones out of ten, because it was sad but also had good life lessons.

Sticks & Stones: If you were asked to rewrite some of this movie, what would you change?
Ainsley Hutchence SS:Bess (main character) would not die. She would start a feminist movement instead.
Sebastien Fougere SS: Probably shorten it a little & definitely show more dick. It’s refreshing to see male nudity & not just chauvinistic men exploiting female nudity.

Sticks & Stones: How does this movie relate to your personal life.
Ainsley Hutchence SS: Sebastien & I love each other like that!!! Plus we have lots of sexy time.
Sebastien Fougere SS: It really relates because I grew up a very sheltered naive Christian boy.

Sticks & Stones: What food & beverage would you pair with this movie?
Ainsley Hutchence SS: I would recommend not eating during this movie coz too emotional. Just drink!!! (Vodka).
Sebastien Fougere SS: Red wine with communion wafers.



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