Shitty Interview No.75


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 Illustrated answers, photos & music video
Interviewee: Surfbort / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Parker Day / Photographer: Sacha Lecca

Shitty Interview No.75

It was love at first sight for us when we stumbled across anti-fascist, anti-racism, anti-sexism, 4-piece musical outfit, SURFBORT.

Inspired by trash based out of Brooklyn, SURFBORT is all about dancing & yelling with friends! They understand rough times so they make music that inspires laughing to the moon! SURFBORT is one good time you don’t want to miss. R.I.P. Easy Listening.

Its a pleasure to share with you our sticks & Stones shitty interview with Dani (vocals) & Sean (drums) of SURFBORT.

Sticks & Sones: Whats your spirit animal?
Surfbort: Horse

Sticks & Sones: Whats the first thing you think of when  you read the following; How many fingers? 
Surfbort: Naturally we’re perverts so we’re thinking what you’re thinking.

Sticks & Sones: What’s going on in your country right now? What are your thoughts? 
Surfbort: Send 45 & his entire cabinet to jail – life sentence

Sticks & Sones: What hobby are you most likely to take up in your old age?
Surfbort: (drawing of various narcotics at age 70).

Sticks & Sones: What/who inspires you?
Surfbort: Friendship & music.

Sticks & Sones: If a friend asked you to look after their plant, how long would it last? 
Surfbort: (drawing of a dead plant).

Sticks & Sones: Do your parents like what you’re doing with your life? 
Surfbort: My mom texted me on tour for what to say on stage the other day “Hi I’m Dani I was sick last week but now I’m ready to rock out for my peeps” – Meridith Miller.

Sticks & Sones: Any good sex advice?
Surfbort: Anal.

Sticks & Sones: Last time you thought “Fuck, shouldn’t have done that?”
Surfbort: When I ate a whole burrito before a set… then I puked it up mid song which made it better.

Sticks & Sones: Plz draw a self portrait below
Surfbort: (Drawing of a self portrait).



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