Shitty Interview No.95

Marius Sperlich

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 Illustrated answers, photos & video
Interviewee: Marius Sperlich / Interviewer: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Marius Sperlich

Shitty Interview No.95

The first time I saw a photo by Marius Sperlich my reaction was probably the same as yours; “This guy is a fucking genius & also this photo makes me feel a little funny & happy & all the things all at the same time”. Every photographer we feature on Sticks & Stones has their own unique brand of fucking rad, but another common thread stitching them together, aside from me being a massive fan, is their ability to make their followers pause what can often be a repetitive, mind-numbing scroll through Instagram & react & feel something. Well, Marius is certainly no stranger to a good ole reaction! With a background in advertising, the Berlin creative is the master of working the very system that he now refuses to be part of.

Marius is mostly known for his photography but is also a designer, film director & musician. With his fingers in so many pies, it makes his meticulous, well thought out & very time-consuming closeup photography even more impressive. His unapologetic approach to his art is a constant source of inspiration for me & his massive online following, & for that reason, it is with so much pleasure that we featured Marius in our first print edition Hard Cover Book & now here online with a selection of thought-provoking images from his stunning body of work & a Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview.


Sticks & Stones: What’s worth fighting for?
Marius Sperlich: Awareness in the ever-changing world. You may think to fight for the meaning, but it’s subjective. Fight for the truth instead of the illusion!!!

Sticks & Stones: What/Who inspires you?
Marius Sperlich: Reactions to societal issues. At a fundamental level, humans must continuously solve problems to stay alive. Scholarly, political or creative discourse provides amazing insight into darker questions about the present. David LaChapelle, Francis Bacon, David Bowie, Julian Schnabel, my parents, Maurizio Cattelan.

Sticks & Stones: Last 3 things you googled?
Marius Sperlich: 1. Ainsley Hutchence boyfriend. 2. Am I real? 3. Can you fall in love with artificial intelligence?

Sticks & Stones: What’s on your mind?
Marius Sperlich: It is amazing, really, what humankind can achieve with the evolution of technology. Yet, I am wary of its increasing control over us. Data is the new gold & we are happy to share. I wonder, do we easily accept new apps & platforms because we are conditioned? We share our preferences, then give in to the guiding force of mass media. With such power, we should remember to be responsible & critical! Observe, learn, defend your vision!

Sticks & Stones: 5 things you can share with us that will make us like you even more?
Marius Sperlich: (Refer to illustrations).

Sticks & Stones: Are you romantic. Please support your answer with examples.
Marius Sperlich: Yes, hopeless even, & not just in the classic sense. I always imagine a story for the little figurines in my compositions. I give them names, dialogue & some are in love. Others are just doing their job: painting juicy lips red 🙂

Sticks & Stones: What would you uninvent?
Marius Sperlich: Perhaps not uninvent, rather reinvent a connection between the older  & younger generations. The youth has to deal with the outcome of decisions made by those before. The world is changing, yet we continue to let generational differences divide us!

Sticks & Stones: Best thing you’ve ever made?
Marius Sperlich: Freinds, love & sex & this interview.

Sticks & Stones: What are your plans this weekend?
Marius Sperlich: (Illustration of a man shooting film).



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