Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview No.123

To celebrate the release of his third album entitled ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’, today we have the pleasure of Shitty Interviewing Australian artist DOPE LEMON (aka Angus Stone).

Rose Pink Cadillac was written and recorded by Stone under the spectre of global turmoil. Its sunkissed, unabashedly romantic outlook persists in spite of that: this is a paean to the spell that love puts us all under at one point or another, and an appeal to try and find that rarest of feelings even in times of strife. This is a record to put on with your loved ones, to let envelop and overtake you with its wash of feeling.

“From my heart to Dope Lemon, this album I have really enjoyed exploring and playing with different genres and storytelling. Handing it over now for you to listen to, feels so magical… and I hope you enjoy it, as much the joy that I put into its existence.”


Sticks & Stones: What’s not a good idea?
Dope Lemon: Getting loaded & boosting the golf kart into your girlfriend’s father’s lake & watching it sink through the Lillies.. I like Lillies, they have a nice purple come through around summer.

Sticks & Stones: What’s in your pockets?
Dope Lemon: Probably my hands.. because I look cool when I lean up against a car doing that.

Sticks & Stones: Have you ever found fifty bucks?
Dope Lemon: Funny story/ also bad looking back on. We were proper little dero groms.. one morning we rode down to check the surf on our pushies. There were a few of us hanging along set to meet our buddy Toddy at the bakery (side note) when we were coming through it was like a red hot comet had struck the streets of Newport. We skidded in and he was sitting there with a weird Toddy face/ slid back a newspaper on the bench he was chilling on waiting for us & there was a wallet loaded with pineapples! (aka fiddies). We giddy’d up & took off down the footpath to our base on the headland & divvied up that coin like a bunch of devil children on heat. We ate bakery treats for a solid two weeks. Was a hell time!

Sticks & Stones: What’s wrong?
Dope Lemon: Ooof man I’d have to say the bbq becky’s.. or the always quasi distressed permit Pattis.. to tell you about it Terrys of the world you know (aka all things Karen) just being mega bummers when clearly there is a lot of joy at foot & calling the boys in blue or just being a punish about the situation.. asking on permits to cook some scrumptious smoked meat in the park with some ice-cold frosty suds. Either join in on the jangling Jeffs jamming out some joyous vibes or just geriatric your way along.

Sticks & Stones: Do you have any secrets?
Dope Lemon: Yeah me & my buddies stole a wallet full of fiddies & smashed meat pies & surfed everyday for two weeks when we were ten.

Sticks & Stones: Draw a self-portrait 
Dope Lemon: See illustration.

Sticks & Stones: Trippiest thing you’ve ever seen?
Dope Lemon: I had been experimenting with a mate with some DMT at his loft in the cross at the time & fell into this vortex where I was fully grooving with this African beautiful princess. She was a very cool vibe with flares & her afro.. big gold hooped earrings.. very classy queen. she kept taking my hand walking me through different dimensions as we danced. it was mind-blowingly vivid. Anyways we kept stepping through dimensions & galaxies & kept grooving together for what seemed to be all of eternity. Then I opened my eyes & my bro was just chilling there on the couch. she was actually a big part of what I wrote about for the song rose pink Cadillac. there was a caddy with wings in there at some point. Magical things. Be safe.

Sticks & Stones: What makes you uncomfortable?
Dope Lemon: Generally I’m pretty chill with it all.. life & human quirks you know.. but I get bummed out when people don’t give things a chance..but to keep it light.. crew that don’t like cartoons kinda trip me out & it kinda disturbs me.. I’ll be like “you like Rick & Morty?” & they’re like “Nah I don’t like cartoons” I generally get a gist pretty quick of the vibe.. no judgment but there definitely is an I HATE you forever.

Sticks & Stones: What’s funny?
Dope Lemon: I love the comic Bill Burr. Standup can be cringe at the best of times but this guy is a big vibe. he’s just a pissed off old dude sharing his brutally honest perspective of the world. He & Dave Chapelle are class.



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