Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview No.135

To celebrate the release of their highly-anticipated second studio album on Friday last week, we bring you Shitty Interview No.135 with GREAT GABLE. ‘On The Wall In The Morning Light’ is a record brimming with youthful exuberance balanced by a confidence that comes with experience, a new level of sophistication, yet not at the expense of fun. To mark the release, the Perth four-piece deliver the transcendent new single ‘Sidewalk’, alongside the song’s visual accompaniment.

Quietly self-assured and delicately dynamic, ‘Sidewalk’ is bolstered by subtle synthesizers, a bare breakdown and glittering grooves. “This song was written at the very beginning of the pandemic while trying to juggle multiple life problems at once. The lyrics are quite honest and open about how we experience the same types of things. We’re more relatable than we think, and it’s more or less about breaking down those walls,” says lead guitarist Matt Preen of the track. “It’s almost a conversation piece, a tongue-in-cheek reference to those narcissistic tendencies. It’s totally fine to feel down about something because most of the time everyone’s too worried about themselves anyway.” he adds.

Recorded at Rainbow Valley Studios, and produced by Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson, ‘On The Wall in The Morning Light’ is Great Gable’s propulsively rhythmic, evocative guitar-driven rock’n’roll realm enriched with experience.

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you Shitty Interview No.135 with Great Gable.

Photo credit: Charlie Hardy

Sticks & Stones: Thriller or comedy?
Great Gable: THRILLER

Sticks & Stones: What wouldn’t you tell your mum?
Great Gable: I only wash my sheets twice a year.

Sticks & Stones: Who do you want to yell at?
Great Gable: People that are far away.

Sticks & Stones: Draw yourself
Great Gable: See illustration

Sticks & Stones: What’s for dinner?
Great Gable: Home made veggie pizza

Sticks & Stones: How can we all be less shit?
Great Gable: Listen more, talk less.

Sticks & Stones: Where would you rather be?
Great Gable: Glastonbury

Sticks & Stones: What sucks?
Great Gable: See illustration

Sticks & Stones: Draw yourself in 10 years
Great Gable: See illustration

Sticks & Stones: Give us some shitty advice 
Great Gable: It do be like it does



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