Shitty Interview No.59

Ever wondered what lengths you would go to not to have your dick chopped off?

‘Shit Creek’ is a Web Series which, In 8 episodes, explores just that! – The extremes an individual will go to protect themselves from harm, & how many others they’re willing to hurt along the way.

Just over a year ago & over many beers, Australian production company ‘Sundown Picturehouse’ decided they would attempt to make a web series. They tossed around their ideas & managed to crowd fund a total of $8k to make it happen.

They recruited each & every one of their friends that could act, turn on a camera or just had nothing better to do with their time, & commenced filming. Through some smooth talking they managed to end up with quite a star studded cast, with the likes of Johnny Boxer, Terrio Serio, Sean Keenan, Tony Bonner & many more jumping on board.

‘Shit Creek’ launched its first episode in March this year & the Australian series will exist only on the internet. Why only on the internet?

“Because it’s cheaper for TV networks to waste airtime on reality shows or buy American sitcoms than produce home grown Australian drama. We also have a federal government that has no interest in supporting the arts. So we had little choice.

The waves of talented Australians heading overseas in search of meaningful work has to stop. Australian stories need to be told & if the governments & networks won’t support us, we’ll do it ourselves. The internet allows for that, it also allows us to be free of censorship, which is why you’ll find the language not particularly nice. But these aren’t nice people, & they have stories too.

We want to influence other filmmakers out there to do the same.”

It only took reading their amazing story & watching the awesome trailer to know that we should get to know these guys a little better before they blow up! Now after viewing the first 4 episodes, I’m hooked & today it is such a pleasure to feature Shitty Interviews with main actress, Alex Stamell & creator/actor, Gary Brun, together with an exclusive photo shoot by Tom Gollins.

Watch ‘Shit Creek’ here.

Sticks & Stones: Do you have any quirks or rituals that you do every day?
Alex Stamell: When I get into my car in the morning I put a green apple in my mouth & leave it for two minutes before I actually start eating it.

Sticks & Stones: Will dick drawings ever get old? Plz draw one.
Alex Stamell: I feel they already are. I’m sick of dicks. All dicks. We should chop em! Bring me the hedge clippers!

Sticks & Stones: What’s written in the stars for you today? Is it accurate?
Alex Stamell: If you feel ready, today you might consider seeking counsel from others. Most of all pamper yourself with some relaxing downtime. This day is well suited to playing board games. Yes, I feel needy. But I have to edit & Gary just had a hernia operation so I have to pamper him. Life sucks. I want to play board games.

Sticks & Stones: What did you eat for breakfast?
Alex Stamell: A bacon & egg role. I asked for no BBQ sauce but they still put it on. It actually tasted ok though.

Sticks & Stones: What makes you super angry?
Alex Stamell: Hernias, parking fines, poeple who put on accents when they get angry, sweet garlic bread.

Sticks & Stones: What did you learn today?
Alex Stamell: If you’re in a fancy restaurant & you’re not fancy the food tastes wrong.

Sticks & Stones: What do you believe in?
Alex Stamell: That I have a parking spirit guide that helps me get parking spots, no matter where I am.

Sticks & Stones: Who do you want to work with? What do you want to make together?
Alex Stamell: I have always really admired Dr Harry Cooper. I met him once in East gardens. Maybe we could attempt to cross-breed a cat & a fish.

Sticks & Stones: Last time you felt nervous?
Alex Stamell: Right now. I always feel nervous. I wish I was playing board games. I feel much more confident in board game life because you’re a piece not a person.

Sticks & Stones: If a turtle & a hare had sex at the finish line, what would their medium-paced babies look like?
Alex Stamell: A mangled foetus that would be un-recognisable. It would probably die. But if it had a shell maybe it would live. (Drawing of an animal with a bunny head & a turtle body).

Sticks & Stones: Do you get man period on the full moon?
Gary Brun: If Alex is over, yes.

Sticks & Stones: Swap out any limb for any object in your house, what do you chose?
Gary Brun: My I-pad, so I can watch ‘Shit Creek’.

Sticks & Stones: Last time you thought “Fuck you!”?
Gary Brun: Watching Donald Trump. Watching Hilary Clinton. Watching any of these cunts. Love Bernie though!

Sticks & Stones: Last thing you did that made someone smile?
Gary Brun: Gave them cough medicine & sticky date.

Sticks & Stones: Please draw you if you were a tree.
Gary Brun: (Drawing of a head poking out of a cactus).

Sticks & Stones: Best thing about you?
Gary Brun: I’m not violent & my record collection.

Sticks & Stones: Last gift you gave someone?
Gary Brun: A photo of myself gagged & bound.

Sticks & Stones: What’s worth fighting for?
Gary Brun: The planet. Children. Art. Human rights.

Sticks & Stones: Worst thing that has ever entered your mouth?
Gary Brun: A surgeons knife.

Sticks & Stones: Make up a religion that you have to follow till death. What are the rules? 
Gary Brun: There are enough made up religions that lead directly to death. I’ll pass.



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SHIT CREEK - Episode One! from Sundown Picturehouse on Vimeo.