The story of my weekend

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Words: Griffin Douglas / Photographer: Griffin Douglas / Artist: Ellis Ericson / Artist: Creed McTaggart / Artist: Wash / Artist: Skeggs

The story of my weekend

When our close friend, Griffin Douglas came over on a Tuesday still buzzing from the weekend we knew he must have a good story to tell…

The story of my weekend by Griffin Douglas

I never fucking know how to start shit. Ains just said that was the perfect way to kick it off, so here’s the story of my weekend. I made my way to the Gold Coast with my last 50 bucks & 5 cigarettes I snaked off my friend Max, cheers mate. I was meeting up with pro surfer, Ellis Ericson to take some snaps & see what he gets up to out of the water.

He invited me to the opening show of ‘Skeggs’ east coast tour with ‘The Pinheads’ & Ellis’ band ‘Wash’. I drank myself fuck eyed & woke up at 9.00am in the back of my car, wearing no pants & a vomit stained wash t-shirt. Disorientated, I stumbled out of the back of the wagon, grabbed my camera flash which I had left on the roof of my car in the rain & tried to find where I’d hid my film rolls from myself. I cleaned myself up & made my way South to meet Ellis on his farm just outside of Byron. We cracked some VB’s to wash down our sorrows & headed to a waterhole to rinse off our sins.

On the walk back up to the farmhouse we found some magic mushrooms in some cow shit. I was supposed to drive back home, 300km away, for work the next day but eating mushrooms & staying another night was too inviting. I did the wise thing and called in sick to work, ate some shrooms & started feeling very groovy. When I got back & checked my phone I read a message from my boss saying that absolutely no one could cover me. In my new found state of mind I decided to continue drinking beers & prolong the inevitable three-hour drive home. At about 9.20pm Ellis got a call from a friend who told him ‘Wash’ was supposed to be playing at 9.30 back in Byron. The boys were in no condition to play a show. Five minutes later I was crammed in a car with Ellis, Creed & their band gear on route to the gig. The boys ripped it up in support of ‘The Pinheadz’, playing only the bangers. Ellis & I made it back to the farm at 3.12am where I slept for an hour & then made the drive back home at four in the morning, making it to work at by 8.00am. Feeling very dusty.



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