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David Della ‘Into the wild (NSFW)’

Creative partners David & Macy Della took this very strange time we are all currently in to lose themselves out in the desert of Arizona. Contrasting psychedelic landscapes & powerfully raw femininity in this series, it seems as if each image is stronger than the last.

“life’s been strange, and after many months spent in and around our home in southern California, we decided to hit the road to explore uncharted territory- Arizona!

the trip was daring and new, in more ways than one. the few days prior to leaving I started to plan out meticulously and then had a change of heart lean on my adventurous side and go with where the road would lead us.

we decided to leave two days early because I was getting impatient and dazzled with the idea of waking up somewhere new. after only a few short hours in we realized that our desired first destination, the grand canyon, had made the decision to close due to the pandemic. we remained hopeful as the park service noted that the south rim would likely reopen over the weekend. we ended up heading pretty far north taking our time time through the mojave preserve and doing a drive by to las vegas, nevada before we’d begin to head south again.

it was our first time camping from the car, and that in itself encountered its own set of challenges. it was the week of memorial day, so as you can imagine temperatures were soaring and in the american southwest nearly bearable in certain areas. as we tracked along we tried our best to find areas of elevation that were on blm land so we’d be able to sleep comfortably and not suffer from heat exhaustion. most days that was achievable, but two nights it was over 105 degrees fahrenheit and having spent much of the day in the blistering sun we had to surrender to mother nature and opt for a hotel room.

we spent time in prescott, the black canyon, phoenix, sedona and flagstaff before arriving at the perimeter of the grand canyon. the night before exploration we set up camp only a mile away from the south rim entrance in the national forest. the sunset was beautiful, like a painting filled with a deep variants of purple and a vibrant fire orange. there was a cool, soft breeze that whistled through the tall pines. cattle grazed closely with elk that were nearly twice its size. we woke to the sweet smell of pine and recharged for what became our favorite day of the road trip.

the grand canyon is truly a wonder you have to see to believe. it is hard to find the words to describe its magnificent beauty. the canyon edges are steep, dangerous and compelling. the birds fly below, yet are soaring yards above the river and the canyons floor. the psychedelic vast coloring of the the walls pair angelically with the sky. it would have been easy to wonder there for days, but we had one day for this adventure and we certainly made the most of it! we took some moderate hikes, very cautiously edged to the cliffs, ran through the flower fields, and hung out in charred tree limbs as the sun set.

we’ve been exploring together for a little over ten years and it is a privilege to be able to create these memories and see the magical offerings of the world with my best friend.

it was a day I’ll never forget, a journey of a lifetime.”



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