Rebecca Elizabeth Tate

‘Into the woods’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Rebecca Elizabeth Tate / Model: Izobel / Stylist: Amy Louise Ryall / Wardrobe: Sinead Meier / HMUA: Grace Marie Ellington / Assistant: Rubee Patrica Samuel
Into the woods: 1/11
Into the woods: 2/11
Into the woods: 3/11
Into the woods: 4/11
Into the woods: 5/11
Into the woods: 6/11
Into the woods: 7/11
Into the woods: 8/11
Into the woods: 9/11
Into the woods: 10/11
Into the woods: 11/11

Rebecca Elizabeth Tate ‘Into the woods’

London photographer & one of my favourite contributors, Rebecca Elizabeth Tate is back with another stunning fashion story featuring new pieces from designer, Sinead Meier.

“The collection initially took inspiration from childhood photographs of school trips into the woods, which reminded me not only of the leafy surroundings but also the preparations we took before venturing into the woodlands. Keeping warm was important & therefore were layers of clothing. I developed my ideas around the practicalities needed in the times of early people who lived their lives like this as a necessity rather than a short day trip. My collection then formed around ideas of patchwork skins, knitted undergarments & textures & patterns inspired by the tools & craftsmanship of the hunters & gatherers.”



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