Irrationality: 1/15 Irrationality: 1/15
Irrationality: 2/15 Irrationality: 2/15
Irrationality: 3/15 Irrationality: 3/15
Irrationality: 4/15 Irrationality: 4/15
Irrationality: 5/15 Irrationality: 5/15
Irrationality: 6/15 Irrationality: 6/15
Irrationality: 7/15 Irrationality: 7/15
Irrationality: 8/15 Irrationality: 8/15
Irrationality: 9/15 Irrationality: 9/15
Irrationality: 10/15 Irrationality: 10/15
Irrationality: 11/15 Irrationality: 11/15
Irrationality: 12/15 Irrationality: 12/15
Irrationality: 13/15 Irrationality: 13/15
Irrationality: 14/15 Irrationality: 14/15
Irrationality: 15/15 Irrationality: 15/15

Anouk Brouwer ‘Irrationality’

It’s a pleasure to introduce a new contributor, Tokyo creative Anouk Brouwer. Anouk‘s concepts are cooked up from inner thoughts & experiences, then translated through the bodies of her subjects. Treating the human body as an instrument with its own individual language results in honest images. It is her aim to trigger the imagination of the viewer & to inspire people to shape an unparalleled individual opinion. Today she presents her debut series entitled ‘Irrationality’.

“On a sunny day in Tokyo, four artists came together to visualize the story of Solène & Lin. This series ‘Irrationality’ is inspired by the story of the two artists who fell in love without speaking each other’s language. Their bodies became a tool of communication when words fell short. Living in a world in which everything is “explained” through rationalities, love is the only thing that cannot be defined, it is felt. It is totally, completely & amazingly irrational.”



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