Carly Brown

‘Island Wanderer (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Carly Brown / Model: Michelle Van Dijk
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 1/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 2/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 3/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 4/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 5/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 6/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 7/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 8/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 9/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 10/11
Island Wanderer (NSFW): 11/11

Carly Brown ‘Island Wanderer (NSFW)’

Byron based photographer, Carly Brown was visiting Bali recently for the same reason everyone goes there… wandering, adventuring & discovering island gems, like Michelle Van Dijk. Michelle is also a wandering photographer who reached out to shoot & Carly jumped at the chance. In the process, they managed to get kicked out of every work site they tried to shoot at & even had a visit from the po po. All well worth it.



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