‘It’s not me it’s you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Artist: Alaena / Model: Alaena / Photographer: Dana Pennington / Photographer: Alana Potoncik / Photographer: Cameron Weppelman
It’s not me it’s you: 1/4
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It’s not me it’s you: 4/4

Alaena ‘It’s not me it’s you’

Metalhead turned bad-girl-diva & prima donna of her coined sound pop-grunge, Alaena brings us her Anti-bullshit anthem, ‘It’s not me it’s you’.

“This was a very organic single, probably one of my most organic songs written to date. My producer & I knew we wanted to write something fun & carefree but at the time I was going through the nonsense & was in a bad relationship. ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’ stemmed from what I was experiencing with the break-up, giving it that hardcore, anti-bullshit feel. I just didn’t give a fuck anymore & let everything go with this single. I hope my fans & listeners feel my energy & enjoy the song”

The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, musician, director, & all around creative, embodies the same free-spirited badassery of her ’90s predecessors (Courtney Love, Britney Spears, No Doubt, P!NK). Alaena swaps deathcore screams for angelic harmonies. As once former keyboardist of death metal band ‘Winds of Plague’ is now embracing her inner pop diva, finding solace in being the odd girl out. Recognized as a living Andy Warhol painting, the DIY musician prepares to make a statement bigger than her own voice.



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