Mus Warsaw


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
11 photographs.
Production: Mus Warsaw / Photographer: Olena Kolankowska / Model: Mila / Stylist: Julia Kościeńska / Make-up Artist: Weronika Zielińska / Set Design: Agata Witczak
Jāņi: 1/11
Jāņi: 2/11
Jāņi: 3/11
Jāņi: 4/11
Jāņi: 5/11
Jāņi: 6/11
Jāņi: 7/11
Jāņi: 8/11
Jāņi: 9/11
Jāņi: 10/11
Jāņi: 11/11

Mus Warsaw ‘Jāņi’

All girls creative collective MUS bring us a stunning analogue debut fashion editorial out of Poland.

“Our main inspiration was the annual Latvian festival celebrating the summer solstice. The intention was to create an eclectic combination, so we blended a hint of folklore with today’s greatest fashion brands like Balenciaga. We also included some pieces from top Polish fashion brands like Veclaim and Epuzer to emphasize the Slavic theme.”

Wardrobe; Vintage, Epuzer / Concept store 1, Veclaim, Sebastian Fabrowicz, Balenciaga, Roboty Ręczne.



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