Jordana Dale

‘Jess & Hutch’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Jordana Dale / Creative director: Jordana Dale / Model: Jess Ann Hardy / Stylist: Olivia Hargrove / HMUA: Courtney Musick / Props: Britt Stoe
Jess & Hutch: 1/9
Jess & Hutch: 2/9
Jess & Hutch: 3/9
Jess & Hutch: 4/9
Jess & Hutch: 5/9
Jess & Hutch: 6/9
Jess & Hutch: 7/9
Jess & Hutch: 8/9
Jess & Hutch: 9/9

Jordana Dale ‘Jess & Hutch’

Atlanta based analogue photographer Jordana Dale brings us a dreamy debut series showcasing the love & strength of a new mother with her beautiful baby boy.

“I really wanted to photograph this model & her son in a way that was intimate but still showed the powerful side of motherhood. I strived to express not only the love between them but also the strength it takes to care for another human being, & often, even the loneliness that comes with it. Motherhood is truly the greatest sacrifice. The psychedelic pops of colour in the florals coupled with the amazing vintage clothing really brought the images to life. Grateful to have worked with such an amazing team!”



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