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Goodie May Johnson ‘June’

It’s a pleasure to bring you new work from Creative Director /Makeup artist Goodie May-Johnson. With a fascination in human behaviour & connection, most of Goodie’s work is based around family, socialisation & perception. Today she brings us a stunning three-part series shot in Hampshire (UK) by Alex Massek & Jason Wade.

“We travelled down on a minibus from shepherds bush to shoot the family & work parts of the shoot. My grandad actually plays the father in the family editorial (I like to insert a nod to the people special to me in my work). After completing this we moved on to the punk-inspired ‘friend’ section of this editorial series. Actually shot in my living room on brick lane, taking inspiration from photographer Adrienne Salinger’s ‘Teenager’s in their bedrooms’ series, I painted a backdrop & put up 70’s punk band posters to solidify Junes alter punk ego.

This is a three-part editorial series exploring identity & performativity. This project is based on a fictional female character during the 1970’s called June. The series is based on the three elements to her life; family, friends & work. It’s interesting to see how we’re able to alter our appearance/actions to suit our audience & I aim to play with the concept of identity & adaptability & ask the question can one person be many different things?

About June; June comes from a wealthy well respected blended family, although restricted by the constraints of her family identity she openly partakes in family activities and her home life. She feels most herself around her friends who are in the punk music scene, spending all of her free time at gigs or round her friends’ houses away from her restricted home life. June not only feels constrained at home but at her job as a law secretary, working at her brother’s law firm, alongside her stepsister. She plays the roles she feels she should play in these different groups, but who is the real June?”

Wardrobe; Sarah Seb, Agatha Médioni, Soyunnnnn-yun, Vincent Loh.



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