Sugarhigh Lovestoned

‘Jungle Bungalow’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Production: Sugarhigh Lovestoned / Photographer: Amanda Adam / Model: Mehana Fisher / Stylist: Ginny Slim / HMUA: Natalia Rogers / Wardrobe: Sugarhigh Lovestoned
Jungle Bungalow: 1/7
Jungle Bungalow: 2/7
Jungle Bungalow: 3/7
Jungle Bungalow: 4/7
Jungle Bungalow: 5/7
Jungle Bungalow: 6/7
Jungle Bungalow: 7/7

Sugarhigh Lovestoned ‘Jungle Bungalow’

Shot in Maui on location at designer, Ginny Slim’s humble jungle bungalow, this series showcases the latest gorgeous collection from Sugarhigh & Lovestoned.

“Spend a rainy afternoon catching a glimpse of time spent up in the hills of Haleakala. Perched halfway between the top of the volcano & the ocean below. Peek thru the windows, tip-toe around the puddles & let the day turn softly into evening. Welcome to the Groupie Syndrome collection! This capsule collection has since migrated from Maui, thru to the mainland & now it’s landed on the shores, beaches & towns in the land of OZ.”

Shop this collection along with what’s to come as these hand-selected Australian shops: Eclectic Ladyland, Tierra Alma, The Bohemian Emporium, Brahminy Exchange, White Bohemian, Billie & Rose & The Freedom State.



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