Daniela Arbaje


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Daniela Arbaje / Model: Amber Mariel / Model: Sami Thompson / Wardrobe: Amber Mariel
Junk: 1/9
Junk: 2/9
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Daniela Arbaje ‘Junk’

Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, “a country with almost no art culture”, Daniela Arbaje knew from a young age that film & photography were her only two passions. Turns out she was right. A couple of courses here & there, & a move to Vancouver saw her producing awesome work with various artists & on the set of several TV shows.

Thankfully for us, Daniela also finds time to do love projects, including this stunning debut series starring Amber Mariel & Sami Thompson.

“Special mention to Amber’s boyfriend, Kingsley, for being our assistant, carrying around suitcases & bags for us.”



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