Sven Signe den Hartogh

‘Just kids’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Sven Signe den Hartogh / Model: Nina van der Meer / Model: Sven Signe den Hartogh / Location: Grand Café Lebowski, Utrecht
Just kids: 1/12
Just kids: 2/12
Just kids: 3/12
Just kids: 4/12
Just kids: 5/12
Just kids: 6/12
Just kids: 7/12
Just kids: 8/12
Just kids: 9/12
Just kids: 10/12
Just kids: 11/12
Just kids: 12/12

Sven Signe den Hartogh ‘Just kids’

Our debut series by creative lovers, Sven & Nina, was inspired by the book ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith which recounts the friendship of two young artists, (Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe) whose passion fuelled their lifelong pursuit of art.

“Both my girlfriend & myself are so inspired by the work of Patti Smith & Robbert Mapplethorpe, that somehow we had to translate all this inspiration from the book into work ourselves. Locked inside our own world, as if the day lasted forever, we created this intimate self-portrait of ourselves using a lot of mirrors & a self-timer.”



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