Brooke Olimpieri

‘Just married’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Ariel Hauck / Model: Simon Kotyk / Stylist: Brooke Olimpieri
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Brooke Olimpieri ‘Just married’

Brooke Olimpieri captures newlyweds, Ariel Hauck & Simon Kotyk in their awesome Downtown LA loft apartment.

“I found Simon & Ariel in the deep black hole of Instagram. Instantly I knew I had to photograph them. Their chemistry is insane. They are a real couple. Have been for about 9 months… In that time they have checked many of the boxes. They moved in together & got married. Say what you will about a whirlwind relationship that moves that quickly, but I think it’s super romantic. As soon as I arrived at their apartment, Simon made me a whiskey on the rocks & turned on Johnny Cash. Ariel demonstrated her cleaning abilities & showed us her perfect butt, a lot. The end.”

Wardrobe: Omiighty, Dickies, Madalyn swim, vintage.

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