Cadence Hooks

‘Just me & her’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Cadence Hooks / Model: Agnes Fischer / Model Management: Ice Model Management
Just me & her: 1/12
Just me & her: 2/12
Just me & her: 3/12
Just me & her: 4/12
Just me & her: 5/12
Just me & her: 6/12
Just me & her: 7/12
Just me & her: 8/12
Just me & her: 9/12
Just me & her: 10/12
Just me & her: 11/12
Just me & her: 12/12

Cadence Hooks ‘Just me & her’

New York-born, Cape Town-based artist Cadence Hooks continues exploring her love of film photography with her new emotive black & white series starring Agnes Fischer.

“This shoot was influenced by my Helmut Newton, high fashion shoots, as well as a Cape Town essence of beautiful people in beautiful houses & reveal imperfections in that. I wanted a contrast of sophistication & grit; put together yet flung around. I wanted to tell a story that reflects this present-day time, people dying to go out to the next event & tragically stuck in our house during COVID lock-ins. I wanted to convey the moodiness, boredom & madness while we wait to be free from our home shut-ins. My model Agnes Fischer was perfect for this shoot because she is a timeless beauty & us being friends made it easy & gave free flow energy of creation & direction. It was a relaxed shoot without a team just me & her, the light, & the lens. She completely understood my vision & concepts I had discussed with her prior & brought this amazing vintage Donna Karan suit she had. Agi brought energy & imagination to the shoot & being super athletic, she had no problem bending & holding all sorts of positions for me as I slowly meticulously my Nikon FM film camera.”



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