Atisha Paulson

‘Just right’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Atisha Paulson / Model: Laura Petersen
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Atisha Paulson ‘Just right’

Anyone who has seen how I run my business, & well, my whole life, knows that I am a huge believer in making shit up as I go along. I just feel like life works so much better that way! This is the same approach NYC photographer, Atisha Paulson took when he met with the gorgeous, Laura Peterson to shoot.

“It was a perfect summer day. Not too hot, not too humid. The sun was descending lazily across the sky. I pushed the buzzer & she let me in. We pulled a selection of clothes from her closet & stuffed them in an oversized paper bag.

The east river was a couple blocks away, so we ambled in that direction, stopping here & there where the light felt right. We got to know each other along the way… Where we came from, how we got here & where we wanted to go.

Every now & then she pulled a new garment from the bag & slipped behind a wall, emerging as a new character in a story we were making up as we went along.”



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