Lizzie Steimer

‘Just say fuck it’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Lizzie Steimer / Model: Gabriela Herstik / Stylist: Gabriela Herstik
Just say fuck it: 1/6
Just say fuck it: 2/6
Just say fuck it: 3/6
Just say fuck it: 4/6
Just say fuck it: 5/6
Just say fuck it: 6/6

Lizzie Steimer ‘Just say fuck it’

Introducing another new awesome contributor in NYC/LA creative Lizzie Steimer. In her personal endeavors, Lizzie has grown a passion for incorporating non-binary identities in art & fashion & exploring ways to use art & fashion to sexually empower young women in positive ways. For her debut feature & with a “fuck it” mindset, Lizzie teamed up with Gabriela Herstik & headed into nature with one hell of an outfit!

“Sometimes you just have to get out of your own head, you know? Just say fuck it & give into your instincts. Take off your clothes & put something tight as hell on. Feel like your in someone else’s skin for once. Nothing sets the heart aflame like being half naked in nature. There’s freedom when you forget you’re human, even if for a moment. Who says you cant let out your inner sex bunny & wear a chainmail bra? It’s the age of Aquarius & I’ll do whatever I want.”

Wardrobe; Deandri, H&M, Honey Punch, Public Desire



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