Georgia Wallace


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Georgia Wallace / Creative director: Anna Reynolds / Stylist: Anna Reynolds / Model: Anna Reynolds / Make-up Artist: Sarah Smith
Juvenile: 1/7
Juvenile: 2/7
Juvenile: 3/7
Juvenile: 4/7
Juvenile: 5/7
Juvenile: 6/7
Juvenile: 7/7

Georgia Wallace ‘Juvenile’

With this stunning studio series, Queensland photographer Georgia Wallace & her muse Anna Reynolds set out to explore the space between femininity & masculinity.

“I have been shooting Anna for a while & she always brings the angsty attitude I love. For this shoot Anna turned up with some ideas of characters to play with & totally killed the ‘teen boy with a bad attitude who has spent a bit too much time in the sun’ vibe. It is so good to go into a shoot with no solid expectations or must have outcomes. There is such a saturation of super feminine or super masculine images out there that I think it is important to visually explore the space in between.”



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