Yashigus Wongwutthichaisilp

‘Keep it real’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Yashigus Wongwutthichaisilp / Model: Sofiia Chuprikova
Keep it real: 1/5
Keep it real: 2/5
Keep it real: 3/5
Keep it real: 4/5
Keep it real: 5/5

Yashigus Wongwutthichaisilp ‘Keep it real’

Bangkok  photographer, Yashigus Wongwutthichaisilp, teams up with one of my favourite faces, Sofiia Chuprikova.

“We shot this at my friends studio. I put Sofia in t-shirts from a local Bangkok brand called ‘keep it real’ & we kept things real.”



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