Killswitch: 1/13 Killswitch: 1/13
Killswitch: 2/13 Killswitch: 2/13
Killswitch: 3/13 Killswitch: 3/13
Killswitch: 4/13 Killswitch: 4/13
Killswitch: 5/13 Killswitch: 5/13
Killswitch: 6/13 Killswitch: 6/13
Killswitch: 7/13 Killswitch: 7/13
Killswitch: 8/13 Killswitch: 8/13
Killswitch: 9/13 Killswitch: 9/13
Killswitch: 10/13 Killswitch: 10/13
Killswitch: 11/13 Killswitch: 11/13
Killswitch: 12/13 Killswitch: 12/13
Killswitch: 13/13 Killswitch: 13/13

Anastasia Trapeznikova ‘Killswitch’

Saint-Petersburg photographer, Anastasia Trapeznikova & her fab Parisian team bring us their stunning debut fashion story, starring Victoria Kashtelo.

“It was an amazing trip to Paris & I was so exited to to shoot this in a typical Parisian white flat, with a cool team & a beautiful model using just natural light, a room lamp & my reflector. We had never met before & it was a very interesting experience to work together”

Wardrobe; Mashama, Deux A, Le Visionnaire paris, Flake, Christian Wijnants, Jourden, Quoi Alexander, Kenta Matsushige, Zara, Karoline Lang, Carel Paris, Etienne Jeanson, Killswitch.



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