Brandy Eve

‘Kleine stimme (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Brandy Eve / Model: Little Voice
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 1/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 2/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 3/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 4/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 5/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 6/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 7/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 8/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 9/10
Kleine stimme (NSFW): 10/10

Brandy Eve ‘Kleine stimme (NSFW)’

Film photographer, Brandy Eve Allen shoots with expired & rare film stocks that she develops in her kitchen. “I like working with analog because of the way it looks, I like the challenges it presents, I like the process, it’s slower, more thought out & a little bit precious.”

Brandy met her latest muse, Little Voice while visiting Berlin, who you might remember from our Sticks & Stones Shitty Interview with her electro-punk band ‘Free Free Dom Dom’.

Outside of her music, Little Voice is an Artist, curator, occasional techno djette & full-time boss ass girl of online platform ‘Curated By Girls’. “My purpose in my music or the art I feature as a curator, is to represent freedom, diversity & equality. I stay open-minded to the world around me. My perspective is less words & more of that real thing we have inside. We are all beautiful creatures!”



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