Andy Madeleine


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Andy Madeleine / Director: Andy Madeleine / Model: Ana H Kim / Stylist: Ana H Kim
Koreatown: 1/7
Koreatown: 2/7
Koreatown: 3/7
Koreatown: 4/7
Koreatown: 5/7
Koreatown: 6/7
Koreatown: 7/7

Ana H Kim for Sticks & Stones from Andy Madeleine on Vimeo.

Andy Madeleine ‘Koreatown’

Los Angeles director/photographer, Andy Madeleine spends a day with his muse at her Koreatown apartment & neighbourhood. “No stylist & not much of a plan, other than to make some rad images & shop for some Korean Mochi.



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