Stéfanie Renoma

‘Ladies night’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

20 photographs.
Photographer: Stéfanie Renoma / Art director: Raphael Say / Model: Egla Harxhi / Model: Chloé Bernard / Model: Anais Bouchard / Model: Barbora Lisztwanovà
Ladies night: 1/20
Ladies night: 2/20
Ladies night: 3/20
Ladies night: 4/20
Ladies night: 5/20
Ladies night: 6/20
Ladies night: 7/20
Ladies night: 8/20
Ladies night: 9/20
Ladies night: 10/20
Ladies night: 11/20
Ladies night: 12/20
Ladies night: 13/20
Ladies night: 14/20
Ladies night: 15/20
Ladies night: 16/20
Ladies night: 17/20
Ladies night: 18/20
Ladies night: 19/20
Ladies night: 20/20

Stéfanie Renoma ‘Ladies night’

Wandering for almost twenty years in a rock-arty way through the paths of fashion, Stefanie Renoma places art & style at the core of her creative vision. Influenced by the mocking eroticism of these times conveying a message of freedom & humour, her work is permeated with these images that played a part in enriching her world. Today we present her debut feature, a stunning fashion editorial set in Paris, this is ‘Ladies night’.

“Through this story, I am telling the most delicious & explosive mixture, willing to recreate the amazing & glamorous mood of the 80’s Icons; women returned to sensual symbol. The worship of the body bring us to the ultimate private journey.

I capture a look, a gesture which happen just like a dream, where everything is confused & blurred, to become only desires & fantasies.”

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Brands featured; Brigade Mondaine, Fried Frères, Wolford, Armani, Stéfanie Renoma, Louboutin, Hervé Leger Leroux, Casadei, Elf Zhou, Gonzales, Ruth Melbourne, Bordelle.

Set at Chez Castel Paris.



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