Pierre Manning


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Pierre Manning / Model: Mirella / Stylist: Cristina Acevedo / Make-up Artist: Kendell Cotta / Hair: Marina Migliaccio
Lafleur: 1/11
Lafleur: 2/11
Lafleur: 3/11
Lafleur: 4/11
Lafleur: 5/11
Lafleur: 6/11
Lafleur: 7/11
Lafleur: 8/11
Lafleur: 9/11
Lafleur: 10/11
Lafleur: 11/11

Pierre Manning ‘Lafleur’

Pierre Manning is back after teaming up with stylist Cristina Acevedo for a new stunning fashion story to find it’s way to us from Montreal.

Wardrobe; Nancy Tran, MSGM, H&M, WOW Couture, Doc Martens, Olivia Oblanc, Sketchers.

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