Laundry day –

Nix Cartel

‘Laundry day’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Nix Cartel / Model: Kayla Nagy / Model: Mallory Collis
Laundry day: 1/6
Laundry day: 2/6
Laundry day: 3/6
Laundry day: 4/6
Laundry day: 5/6
Laundry day: 6/6

Nix Cartel ‘Laundry day’

Nix discovered photography at a young age, falling in love with capturing the beautiful awkwardness of life in one frame. Aesthetics & emotions fuel her art as she strives to produce images that make you feel things, & that’s exactly what we look for here. Love this 🙂



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