Nicolette Thai

‘Laundry day’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Nicolette Thai / Model: Alice Yamagishi / Model Management: Peggi Lepage Models / Stylist: Elyse Tsotsos / HMUA: Kathy Nguyen / Set Design: Nicolette Thai
Laundry day: 1/5
Laundry day: 2/5
Laundry day: 3/5
Laundry day: 4/5
Laundry day: 5/5

Nicolette Thai ‘Laundry day’

Toronto fashion photographer, Nicolette Thai presents her stunning debut series.

“‘Laundry Day’ represents the unconscious state of human behaviour towards everyday activities by playing with high & low fashion through recycled & reused materials. Every image uses recycled items & garments, such as stylists own clothes & bed sheets, thrifted & vintage set design & outfits. These items are considered low fashion objects but are elevated to create high fashion outfits which are then situated in mundane daily scenarios.”



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