Erin Pederson

‘Laundry with Lauo’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Erin Pederson / Model: Lauo Blak
Laundry with Lauo: 1/8
Laundry with Lauo: 2/8
Laundry with Lauo: 3/8
Laundry with Lauo: 4/8
Laundry with Lauo: 5/8
Laundry with Lauo: 6/8
Laundry with Lauo: 7/8
Laundry with Lauo: 8/8

Erin Pederson ‘Laundry with Lauo’

Recently photographer, Erin Pederson & Model, Lauo Blak drove around Minnesota at night, looking for some good light & found it in a tiny, empty laundromat in the middle of Uptown. I can’t imagine a better setting for this shoot & even though we have featured a handful of laundromat series up here recently, Erin managed to capture something entirely new & refreshing. As well as loving this set I am trying desperately to inspire myself to clean my washing pile. But now I just wanna go shoot, oops.



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