Jenn Kang

‘Laurel Canyon’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Jenn Kang / Model: Mia Kerin / Stylist: Jenn Kang / Stylist: Mia Kerin / Make-up Artist: Jenn Kang / Make-up Artist: Mia Kerin
Laurel Canyon: 1/5
Laurel Canyon: 2/5
Laurel Canyon: 3/5
Laurel Canyon: 4/5
Laurel Canyon: 5/5

Jenn Kang ‘Laurel Canyon’

For their debut feature, Jenn Kang & Mia Kerin present a spontaneous collaboration in Laurel Canyon.

“Mia & I decided to meet up for a shoot at her friend’s place. I took photos of her as we talked & got to know each other, very casually with no stylist or makeup artist. It was a spontaneous & collaborative process. We clicked so well too! We’ve remained friends since.”



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