Rob Corica

‘Layers of you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Rob Corica / Art director: Teresa / Stylist: Aria McInnes / Model: Alexandria Stevenson-Ikenasio / Model Management: The Others Agency
Layers of you: 1/7
Layers of you: 2/7
Layers of you: 3/7
Layers of you: 4/7
Layers of you: 5/7
Layers of you: 6/7
Layers of you: 7/7

Rob Corica ‘Layers of you’

Melbourne photographer Rob Corica recently holidayed in Wellington & managed to squeeze in a couple of photo shoots during his stay.

“Layers of You proposes a realignment, reconstruction and reordering of the self. Focusing on the recovery of a person after intense emotional labour, Layers of You is an ode to the strength of being vulnerable, stripping yourself bare of toxic pasts to stand alone.

Yours, and yours only.”

Wardrobe; Mina Obom, Mina Mali, Mahsa Bow, Sophie D’Hoore, Now or Never Euphemia, Alexander Wang, Shark Corsica.



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